Stonebreed, Y&T, The Canyon Club, March 8, 2015

Highwire Daze by Ken Morton  Photos by Jack Lue

Stonebreed is one of the very best hard rocking bands we have in the Los Angeles area today – and they definitely brought the party to The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on an otherwise sleepy SUNDAY night. Although most people in the audience were there the see the legendary headlinersY&T, Stonebreed had a good amount of fans in the crowd as well. There was no doubt Stonebreed left a lasting impression on those who were witnessing the music and mayhem for the very first time.  Stonebreed was the perfect opener for Y&T, with both entities possessing timeless tunes that would envelope the bigger arenas of the past, present, and FUTURE.

One notices right away the super charismatic vocalist Carlos Cruz, bringing the lyrics to ultrasonic life – definitely a front man for the ages! The dual guitar assaults of Troy Elizondo and Brandon Paul were absolutely inspired, filling the room with a gigantic wall of sound. The rhythm section was busting it out with a ferocious sense of conviction, courtesy of bassist Johnny Zell and drummer Orion Rainz. The songs presented by this raging collective were INSTANTLY memorable, demonstrating a timeless across-the-board appeal. Last Dollar was a highlight, featuring Cruz and Company at their most explosive. A new song Pain was performed, clearly showing the band has some great material in STORE for us all in the months ahead. Another grand and glorious standout was the driving Good To Be Back Home, an exhilarating rock anthem that should be blared on radio airwaves all across the world.

Fans of Van Halen and Molly Hatchet are destined to discover a new favorite band in Stonebreed. With a stunning Self-Titled album in tow and more tunes on the way, Stonebreed is sure to captivate music fans of all ages. Their exhilarating live show is not to be missed!  Be sure to catch Stonebreed the next time they show up to bring the party to your town.

6/1/15  The Culture Trip by Julie Bergonz

‘Like a freight train through a hurricane,’ Stonebreed delivers hard rock with a southern twist. Debuting in 2013 with their self-titled album, Stonebreed offers a little something for everyone. ‘The people who like more heavy metal like the song ‘Break,’ and people who dig southern hard rock like ‘Last Dollar,’’ said Carlos Cruz, lead singer of Stonebreed. Their sets also include crowd pleasers ‘Whiskey Well,’ ‘Miss Me,’ slower tracks like ‘I’m Gone’ and country-influenced ‘Except Me.’ Stonebreed is hard at work on a next album, with a video and single expected to be released in the fall of 2015, and they continue to add dates to their ongoing tour. Stonebreed offers an interactive live show that feels like a non-stop rocking party, so be sure to check out the dates on their website and get on the guest list.

Stash & Carlos

Stash meets Carlos from STONEBREED

Posted by Mike Preston on Monday, September 21, 2015

STONEBREED at Farm Rock 2015

9/9/15- by Sami Lipp  NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW- STONEBREED at The Token Lounge in Westland, MI on 04-Sep-2015

And finally, with curtains opening and a plume of smoke emitting from the stage,Stonebreed came on. This hard rock band from Los Angeles consists of Carlos Cruz (vocals), Brandon Paul (guitars), Johnny Zell (bass), and Orion Rainz (drums). Stonebreed has toured across the country, sharing the stage with bands including RATT, Cinderella, Uli Jon Roth, Warrant, Steel Panther, Saxon, Molly Hatchet, and a host of premiere musicians, including members of Dio, Sabbath, Bonham, Giuffria, W.A.S.P, Dokken, and more.

Playing hits like “Judgement Day,” “Whiskey Well,” “Miss Me”, “Back Home”, and many more, this band takes you back to the days of arena rock. Their sound is the perfect blend of good old rock n’ roll with a touch of Southern grit. They come complete with a charismatic front man with soaring vocals, a sizzling, a dynamic rock star of a guitarist, a bass player with hard-hitting grooves, and a thundering, heavy drummer. Stonebreed had high energy, great sound, and fantastic stage presence; the perfect mix for an amazing set. They are currently on tour, and their album, Stonebreed, is available on their website.