Carlos Cruz-Born in Santa Monica Ca, grew up on the road but was anchored in Detroit, The Quad Cities, and Austin as a kid. After spending some time as a DJ in adult entertainment clubs,and singing in several rock bands nationwide it was time to move home to the LA Area, where Carlos is now the frontman for STONEBREED.        

Jess P. Tzimas is a hard rock/metal shred guitarist based in Los Angeles, CA.Over the years he has developed his own unique style and tone, using his custom made guitars by Kiesel.Born in Athens, Greece, at 13 he began studying classical guitar and couple of years later started electric guitar which is his passion.

JOHNNY ZELL- Born in Colorado Springs Colorado. Grew up in a musical family as his dad was a member of the Lawrence Welk Band.Johnny is known as the MUSIC MAN because of his vast knowledge about Rock Music in general. Johnny plays a 5 string bass  

Born in Athens Greece and raised in California, Pete injured his back in a motorcycle accident when he was 18. He always loved banging on drum sets and was a natural at it so he decided that if he ever walked again what he really felt a passion for was "Play Drums" ! He healed up and quickly developed his drumming skills and began recording and performing on the top 40 and original club circuit in the S.F. Bay Area. After moving to Hollywood and graduating from Musicians Institute he started doing gigs and session work on a number of Rock, Pop, and Blues records and demos. Pete has performed on many National and International Tours