JOHNNY ZELL- Born in Colorado Springs Colorado. Grew up in a musical family as his dad was a member of the Lawrence Welk Band.Johnny is known as the MUSIC MAN because of his vast knowledge about Rock Music in general. Johnny plays a 5 string bass.  

Brandon Paul- Born in Torrance Ca grew up in the LA Music scene .Heavily influenced by all the guitar greats like  Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, etc, as well as all the classic rock bands like Journey. Enjoys teaching guitar to kids at the school of Rock  

Carlos Cruz-Born in Santa Monica Ca, grew up on the road but was anchored in Detroit, The Quad Cities, and Austin as a kid. After spending some time as a DJ in adult entertainment clubs,and singing in several rock bands nationwide it was time to move home to the LA Area, where Carlos is now the frontman for STONEBREED.        

ORION RAINZ- Born in Medford Wisconsin, got his first experience to Rock n Roll when he first heard KISS from that day on he was destined to be a drummer in a Rock N Roll Band